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Here at Mariposa, we know a person is more than one dimension, that we are complicated and diverse beings. Which means we talk about intricate and differing subjects on our social media platforms. Here, we try to consolidate everything, to pool our shared learnings and unlearnings, links to helpful tools (books, podcasts, software, whatever we’re found to work and be worth it!), as well as things we find interesting and bad “dad” jokes (cause in Kat’s opinion, we could all use a laugh, smirk, or grin on the daily) in hopes that you find them useful.

Please use whatever works for you and leave the rest. For every small business owner and entrepreneur out there, not all pathways and procedures work – you have to figure out what works for you on your own, but if you ever need to try out something new, this will always be here.


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2020 created a lot of upheavals, and in the time, I chose to envision the type of person I want to become – the type of citizen, the type of employer, the type of boss, the type of mom, the type of wife, everything, including the type of country I would like to see my children grow up in. While I was doing this, someone shared this link for resources with me and I would like to share it with you, should you find anything useful to you and your journey.


Bookshop is a great way to buy books from local bookshops online. If you don’t have a favorite local store and you want to support them – check out this link.

Business Process Modeling & Notation

BPMN is a fantastic tool that helps you see the workflow of your company. Often when you’re trying to grow, you have to reimagine your processes and see if you have the right people doing the right tasks and/or if you have bottlenecks anywhere. This tool allows you to simply and clearly map things out so you can not only explain it to yourself, your board, your shareholders, but also to your employees, your investors, and so on. Communication in business is key and when you can explain the complex simply through a tool like this, it becomes invaluable!

The Microguide to Process Modeling in BPMN This book is a gem and is hard to find, but I could find copies on this link.

Quick Start Tutorial

Symbols & Notations


Free BPMN graph editors yEd and


Implicit Bias

When you’re on a journey to better understand you, how you think about things & why and does that match the person you want to be, you can often find yourself holding up a mirror up and asking yourself hard questions. But we don’t know what we don’t know. Implicit bias is about the attitude or stereotype we hold that is the motivation behind our own actions, behaviors, and understandings. Generally, it is not something people are aware of. We ALL have our own implicit biases, and in my own experience, I found it helpful to get an idea of what they are, so I can become aware of them and either shape them into what I want them to be, or I can continue to develop it, if it supports the person I want to be. Many universities have research programs that focus on implicit bias, below are resources I found helpful in better understanding this concept and in learning about my own biases.

Defining Implicit Bias

The Ohio State & Kirwan Institute – Training

Harvard’s Project Implicit – Test

UCLA Videos and resources

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