What is Mariposa Mastermind?

Mariposa Mastermind is my solution to a problem I have faced throughout my professional career. To grow in your career or to start a new business you must be brave and often times, you have to change and learn new skills, and adapt to whatever life throws at you, but you don’t always know how or when or with who. Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to already have mentors, coaches, and a built-in support network with your family or friends, but sometimes, you don’t. Or, sometimes your network loves you, but they don’t know how to support you. And, sometimes, you have to find it all.

Mariposa Mastermind is that network and has that coach. It is what I felt I needed, starting with the time I felt I needed it the most, when I went from a business womxn to a business mama.

Taking the best from moms’ groups and the best from business groups, Mariposa Mastermind blended those styles to create its own corporate mama mastermind. It’s a place for the working mother to not only get support and to learn, but to be brave and transform to fit the life she wants to create for herself and her family. This is a safe space to get to intimately know your mastermind group and network amongst all the groups. This is the space to learn how to level up in business and reach for your next level and this is the space for getting support when you have one of those days as a parent. This is space to learn how to network and sell better. This is a space to learn new ways to parent or get new resources to help. This is a space to CELEBRATE in all your victories – from having 5 minutes of peace at home or taking a shower without your child(ren) present, to negotiating your first contract, to landing your biggest client yet, to deciding to start your own business, to hiring your first employee, and to everything in between. Here, we celebrate you mama, for working and parenting, and for trying your best for yourself and your family.

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