Season 1 • Episode 2

Social Work to Photo-Therapy: Anouk Briere-Godbout

Headshot of Anouk in an emerald green blazer with a navy banner and gold waves across the top

About This Episode

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”   –Dorothea Lange

Sometimes, you just know you were meant to help people. Anouk is the type of person you just tell things to, you don’t know why, but you do, so it’s quite fitting she found her way into social work.

She took her passion for documentary-style photography, and added in social work + different therapy techniques in order to support the burned-out, frazzled, and stressed shell-of-a-parent as they find their stride again.

So if you’ve ever had that day where you just can’t anymore, and you just want someone to see you, in all the chaos and ugliness of parenthood, and sit with you for a bit, come listen to Anouk and Kat in “We Are, So You Can”.

About The Guest

Introducing Anouk, the awesome mom and parenting pro! With her Master’s degree in social work and over 15 years of experience, she’s the go-to person for struggling parents.

Even the most accomplished parents sometimes find parenting challenging, confusing, and overwhelming. But fear not! Anouk is here to help. She guides parents to focus on their values, ditch the quest for perfection, and embrace being present, patient, and joyful (and not to stress when you aren’t). She believes that parents know what’s best for their kids, and she empowers them to trust their instincts.

Ready to level up your parenting game? Tune in to our podcast and let Anouk be your guide!

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