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Do you feel overwhelmed trying to balance motherhood and work? Maybe like you’re being pulled in a million directions at once? I get it. I’ve been there and you’re not alone.

So let me tell you,  it’s okay to ask for help and take a step back when you need it. Sign up here and get tips, resources, and other 411 designed to support you on your journey toward harmony. It can happen!

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Trainings & Workshops

So overwhelmed you see where to start? Can never seem to find the time? Do you feel guilty for every decision you make? We got short videos for that.

Don't want to be alone, want to be with other mams who get you? We got a workshop for that.

You don't have to just survive, you CAN thrive!

Mastermind Groups

Feel like you've found your flow or your path and are you ready to see what's around the corner? If you're ready to find your working mama tribe and be in a space that supports you and knows you are human, and not just a business, transaction, or "thing-to-do", then join our exclusive Mariposa Mastermind groups!

Do you often feel like you're the only one trying to come up with all the answers, for all the people, all the time? Are you tired of not having "the connections" people always seem talk about? Are you scared to make a change but know you need to?

Don't sit out and let this pass you by! You, your goals, and dreams are worth reaching for - apply for your Mastermind Group today and find your village!


Working parents are some of the best employees but they need support to help them stop falling into the burn-out bubble and start finding their stride!

Need someone to come talk to them? Look no further than Kat Rogers, a storyteller, an advisor, a coach, and a parent. She's changed careers and changed industries, gone from mover & shaker, to SAHM, to entrepreneur. Let her take your people from burn-out to thriving, with a simple tool she calls The Balancing Act.

Kat will leave your audiences feeling seen, heard, and motivated to take on their own challenges. Book Kat for your next event today!

Meet Kat

Let’s be real, starting or growing your family should be a time of celebration, but unfortunately, family and business don’t always mix well in America. 

Have you ever announced your pregnancy at work only to have people ask you “Will you still be able to do your job?” Or maybe had people tell you that your maternity leave (if you had any) was a vacation! Last time I check, recovering from either major surgery or birthing another life is no vacation. It’s a vital transition period to learn how to read the signals of this new alien creature you let into your home that requires nourishment, cuddles, sleep, and fresh diapers at any moment. Calling it a “vacation” is a way to demean the very necessary time parents and caregivers need to spend with their new, precious, and fragile bundle. Foundational time? Yes. Vacation? No.

Fed up with being punished for being a mom and wanting to work in a way that supports people instead of tearing them down, Kat used her skills as a SCRUM Master, film producer, and financial advisor and business coach to create Mariposa Mastermind, a company she was looking for when she was a new mom.

It is her mission to support, empower, and create a safe community of women and for women as they transition into becoming a working mama. 

Whether you’re looking for guidance, support, a little inspiration, or a safe space to just be, Kat’s got your back. Don’t let the pressures of being a working mom get you down. It’s hard, she knows, but there is so much more still inside you, it’s time to be wholly and unapologetically you.

Our Company Philosophies

A lot of companies have inspired Kat, but when it came to a company being open about its values and its action, Patagonia is it.  The way businesses work can be reimagined and it doesn’t have to be “business as usual.” Here are the guiding principles we do our best to live by and we’re proud to share them with you.

Be there for one another. As parents, we get how tough it can be to try to juggle everything. Our private, virtual group is available 24/7. It is a safe space for members and staff to lend an ear, a virtual shoulder, or a helping hand whenever you need it. It is also a space to just enjoy and celebrate the micro moments and major life events with others going through similar experiences.

Amplify your voice. Stop underestimating the power of your voice. We’re here to champion you, to encourage you to stand up for what you believe in, whether that’s advocating for yourself, your children, your family, or your community. Our aim is to remind our members that they can use their voices to draw attention to causes and issues they care about, including their own.

Rejuvinate. Change is the only constant in life, and it is not always easy to keep up. When life gets overwhelming, which it will, we want to remind our members that taking a break, setting boundaries, going on a vacation, doing what you need to go to rebalance yourself is important. Pour into your cup first. As a business, we actively look for ways to reduce our environmental stresses and put aside a portion of our profits to go toward our Keystone Projects, which support environmental and keystone species restoration. We want our communities to be better for us being here. And we know you do too.

Give back. We are here to make a difference. It is our pledge that at least $1 from every sale goes toward our Keystone Projects. To us, “keystone”  represents elements that are critical to keeping an ecosystem balanced

— Mariposa Mastermind

Study at Home

Callin’ all working mamas! Tired of burning out, of feeling overwhelmed, fragmented, and just surviving? Join The Working Mommy series and learn practical tips and strategies to overcome these challenges and find your work-life harmony. Don’t let them hold you back – sign up now and start your journey toward a more centered, calmer, and stronger working mom!

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We want you to feel completely comfortable to try out our programs, which is why we offer a no-risk guarantee. If you try a program, but don't feel you got anything of value out of it simply email us with 30 days and get your money back. It's as simple as that! You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Flexible Schedule

Girl, we know life can get hectic, which is why we're all about variety, so you can grow and thrive on your own schedule. With our flexible approach, you can choose from live webinars, video programs, in-person workshops, virtual & in-person mastermind groups, and more. We believe progress shouldn't be put on hold because you have a busy schedule. So keep an eye out for the options that work best for you, and take your next step on your own terms.

Ongoing Support

Being a working mama can sometimes feel isolating and lonely, but it doesn't have to be that way. We invite you to join our Facebook Group, where you can chat with other working moms at any time. This is a safe space to celebrate your wins, ask for help, share a funny story, or whatever else you need. It's open to anyone who's participated in one of our programs. Come join our community of amazing mamas and find the support and connection we all need to thrive.

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