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Trainings & Workshops

Mariposa Mastermind hosts trainings and workshops of various structures to meet you where you are. If you can only handle bite-sized trainings, then try the Inner Circle. It occurs monthly, with each session focused on either Strategy, Momentum, or Mindset. Looking for more in-depth dives? Sign up to get on the list.

Mastermind Groups

These are carefully curated small groups that commit to one another for at least a year. Each group receives custom trainings, each member gets time in the hot seat, access to the Mastermind community, and more.

1:1 Coaching

As a trusted and respected business professional and facilitator, Kat Rogers will challenge, motivate, mentor, and support you as you progress towards your goals.

Meet Kat

Starting or growing your family should be a time to celebrate, but when it comes to family and business, in America, they don’t often mix. After announcing her second pregnancy at a company she worked at, the first thing said to her was: “Will you still be able to do your job?” But the straw the broke the camel’s back happened during her maternity leave, when she was let go for not “being available enough.”

Tired of being docked for being a mom, Ms. Rogers took her SCRUM Master certification and film-producer experience and became a financial advisor. There, her clients gave her the idea to become a coach and she knew who she was meant to coach — other women going through the transition of business/career woman to business/career mama. 

Now, Kat uses her unique blend in business, art, money, and life to recharge and empower her clients as they morph from a career/business woman into career/business mama.

We inspire to empower individuals as they transition to their next level by serving them as a whole human being. 

— Mariposa Mastermind

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Life can get so busy, so be on the look-out for a live webinars, self-paced programs, new mastermind programs, and more, so you can grow on your schedule.

Ongoing Support

Being a working mama can be hard and lonely, but it doesn't have to be. Join others in safe spaces created just for you and get your battery recharged! Celebrate a win or ask for help, whatever you need, the online group, is there for you.

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