Welcome to the Mariposa Resource Center!

We strongly believe, that in order to live life on your terms, you can’t just focus on business. All areas of your life need to grow, in order to grow with you as you strive forward. With that thought in mind, we’ve put together resources for Self, Business, and Community for you to use for free.

Check out the Self section if you are looking:

  • to develop habits that serve you better
  • to do internal work on your own biases and limitations, but don’t know where to start
  • for personal development book lists
  • to reclaim time with hacks, shortcuts, and templates to use around the house

Check out the Business section if you are looking:

  • to get your business started
  • for help and connections for business financing
  • to connect with potential local mentors
  • to level up your skills and want some free courses offered by well-known universities
  • tools you can use in your business to better communicate with remote staff or contractors

Check out the Community section if you are looking:

  • to find ideas for ways to connect with people in your community
  • to get a list of organizations you can either volunteer at or support
  • ideas for what you can do an internet search on in order to locate like-minded groups that you can join in your local area

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